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We believe it is time to rethink the way we educate our children. Today’s generation is the first to grow up indoors. Our society is facing an increasing number of environmental issues and a need to find alternative resources to sustain our current lifestyles. The disconnect between our children and the world around them has academic, emotional, psychological, and physical consequences. Today’s children are spending up to 27% of their time in front of a screen, 19% of their time in a classroom, and less than 1% of their time outdoors. With so much time taking place in the classroom, you have an opportunity to help us address this deficit and work to reconnect future generations with their sense of place and a desire to care for the environment. 

Your donation will support our newest initiative, Kentucky Green Schools, to create sustainable and healthy learning environments for students by implementing green practices in schools. Your donation will help inspire students to develop environmentally friendly behavior and feel empowered to take active steps toward creating a greener and healthier world—starting with their school. Through this program, students can experience the value of teamwork and leadership, while building connections with their community to create change.

A tremendous value of supporting green schools with your donation lies in introducing students to real-world sustainability concepts through their school. Green schools are a first step to wider-spread, student-led community improvement initiatives. Themed investigations help guide students through examining their school grounds and school’s energy use, waste and recycling, water consumption, and overall environmental quality. These investigations provide measurable standards for where the school is.  

We appreciate your support and hope you will consider how your donation can help us impact thousands of students in Kentucky.

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