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Help the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti in our Hurricane Matthew relief efforts.


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The St. Luke Foundation for Haiti is a Haitian run organization providing medical care, education, and community building in Haiti. The St. Luke Team is uniquely positioned to respond to the disaster of Hurricane Matthew by providing desperately needed aid.

Please see below, a letter from the St. Luke Team in Haiti, and thank you for your support:

Dear Friends,

After years of experience with hurricanes, we are preparing for the worst in Haiti.

The winds and hard rains have begun and will continue to create great danger.  Sadly, much of Haiti is in an extremely vulnerable situation.

The Southwest of Haiti has been hit hard. More reports will be coming in soon, but for certain we will be working to support the devastated communities of our countryside schools and clinics, in Jeremie, Les Cayes, St Louis du Sud, and Gran Rivye.

Many in the poorest areas of Port-au-Prince, our thousands of friends in Cite Soleil, will live a nightmare.  Strong winds, high water, homes and families washed away.   We know this from experience, and we are ramping up to help them however we can.

We have moved patients and vulnerable families into the new St. Luke Hospital structure, which while unfinished, is structurally sound and safe for an emergency.

Cholera will be on the rise and we know far too well how deadly it can be.

We are in a position to save lives.

Any donation that you make in these days will have enormous impact in aiding our response.  We will be flooded with infrastructure problems, with trauma patients, with stranded friends and neighbors, with decimated communities.   

In the best case scenario it will still be a horrible situation.  

In the worst case, many will be lost.

Please help if you can.  We are grateful for your solidarity and prayers.

With gratitude,

Wynn Walent on behalf of The St. Luke Team

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