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Support "Roots," the local relief organization in Rafah, led by Abdallah & his young Gazan Team.


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Save Our Story Inc. (501(c) 3)

Roots" Gazans helping Gazans, from the ground up

The world is rightly outraged with the way innocent Gazans have become the victims of a war that they did not start, and a war they cannot end. Yet the only thing the world seems to speak about is the humanitarian disaster rather than the basic violation of human rights. 

Talk is cheap. The longer the dialog between the parties, the worse things get. Young Gazans like  Abdallah Aljazzah- from Rafah, a gifted writer with We Are Not Numbers, have had enough. They cannot wait for the world to find its conscience. People have to act. Abdallah is doing exactly that.

Abdallah summoned a local meeting with other young people like himself to form a relief committee and to challenge the assumption that they are helpless. "Look around," he told them, "Lets go directly to the people and find out what practical ways we can support families to survive." It was so basic. People need food, power, clothing, toilets, ways to earn some money. Mothers needed baby supplies. The barber needs new scissors. We need an oven to bake bread. "

Abdallah decided to call his organization Roots with the motto "Growing from the Ground Up." and to reach out to donors like you with the pledge that every dollar will be spent at the grassroots of people's needs.  It will not be international charities getting all the headlines. It will be Gazans helping Gazans, in the way that they always have. Abdallah insists that no matter what the war destroys, it will not destroy Gazan dignity.   

With the help of Paul Costello, the well known founder of Storywise,  and instigator of many successful leadership programs in the USA, Ireland, South Africa and Israel- Palestine, Abdallah is reaching out to the world through this appeal to raise funds for the tent people of Rafah. His sponsor is an American 501 c 3 Charity founded by Paul called Save Our Story Inc.


Here is the latest report from Abdallah on his work with Roots that WANN is publishing. 

"Amidst the ruins of the genocidal war in Gaza, a beam of hope shines: a grassroots community-support organization led by local youth called Roots, جذور.

I founded Roots in January 2024 and work with six other young people here. Funds for the project are raised by my mentor, Paul Costello, who runs leadership programs in Washington, D.C.

My journey with Roots began with an important realization: The roots of resilience must hold deep within my community to prevent further displacement such as occurred with the Nakba of 1948. The objective is to encourage Palestinians to reconsider emigration and instead find strength and purpose in their homeland.

This initiative provides people who are displaced with things they desperately need, and we also help build small enterprises so that people can support themselves. Each intervention is a commitment to rebuilding lives and restoring dignity.

Helping families help themselves."

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