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Half Step
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Half Step, like many other bars, is shut down until health and safety restrictions are lifted.


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Half Step feels so empty right now, without all of our friends here playing and enjoying music; there's not much soul, without our community here to enjoy it. 

Unfortunately, like many other bars across the country, Half Step has shut down in accordance with the recommended procedures for keeping our neighbors safe and preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. This has placed us in the unenviable position of furloughing our hourly employees until it is safe for us to reopen.

We have started this fundraiser to help support our family in these trying times; 100% of funds raised through this means will go to buying supplies for them where necessary, or split among them where their immediate needs are already met. We'll be sharing publicly a spreadsheet of all money brought in through this manner and how it is spent to make their lives easier.

Thank you for everything you do, now and always.

A personal fundraiser by

Half Step

Half Step

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