2022 I-HELP Community Thrives Challenge

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Tempe Community Action Agency

Help us raise $15,000 to support our I-HELP program and the continuing crisis of homelessness.


raised by 71 people

$15,000 goal

Homelessness is a continuing crisis affecting Tempe residents, agencies, businesses, government, and the people who personally experience this difficulty. 

The City of Tempe recently reported that homelessness is a crisis nationally and regionally. Regionally, there has been an 83% increase in unsheltered homelessness from 2017 to 2020, according to Tempe’s annual Point-in-Time (PIT) count. During that same time frame, Tempe experienced a 96% increase in unsheltered individuals (City, 2021). These include people living on the streets, in cars, and in local parks. Homelessness is not a new issue in Tempe; however, it has remained a chronic one for several years. 

Being homeless anywhere is extremely difficult; in the Valley, homelessness can be deadly. In the summer, concrete benches can reach 135 degrees and pavements can get as hot as 160 degrees, making sitting down and walking extremely difficult. In the winter, temperatures can dip below freezing. Yet, each day, unsheltered adults must find the energy to secure food, water, and respite from the elements.

Since 2006 I-HELP has provided safe shelter to over 8,000 men and women and placed over 900 into permanent homes.

With your support, at TCAA we strive to achieve 80% or greater rates of improved financial stability and health, and 90% of customers reporting that they feel confident in their plan to transition from homelessness to housing permanency.


Your support and involvement are vital to assisting individuals who are experiencing homelessness to overcome barriers to shelter and housing entry. By making a contribution, you can help alleviate homelessness and create a safer, more stable Tempe for all.

Sponsor one man or woman as they journey from homelessness to housing permanency: $800

The I-HELP shelter program not only provides a safe place to sleep, but also a spectrum of services to prepare men and women for employment, financial stability, and permanent housing. Take advantage of the Arizona charitable tax credit at the same time!


Within a one-year period, the I-HELP shelter program will impact 350 adults by providing shelter and wrap-around services to help adults transition to a permanent home of their own. This includes providing case management services to at least 250 adults, 12,000 bed nights of shelter, and 19,000 meals for participants, and in the following ways: 

  • Intensive case management and resource navigation services 
  • Securing important identification documents
  • Preparing for employment
  • Accessing bus and light rail passes
  • Enrolling in public benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid, and Veterans’ services
  • Addressing health concerns including primary care, mental health, and substance abuse treatment
  • Locating permanent housing
  • Housing entry costs including application costs
  • Program supplies


$35: Sponsor one night of shelter and additional services

$70: Sponsor two nights of shelter and additional services

$300: Resources needed to secure employment

$800: Sponsor one person from homelessness to housing permanency

Remember that when you make your gift to TCAA, you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your AZ state return. Up to $400 for individuals and $800 for those filing jointly.

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