#IfHadyCanDoIt #YouCanDoIt

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I am Hady and I want to help my Syrian sisters and brothers. I collected almost $10 on my own with little effort. Will you join me?


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Hady really does love helping his mother set up fundraisers and get containers ready for Syria, and he understands that these children need each of us to continue to help. Hady cares and knows the need. He knows how to share and does it freely, sending off his own toys with the donations we receive on NuDay Syria's containers.

But, there are children and babies that cannot get aid from containers either because of their location or their area being besieged - or simply that they cannot wait for a container to get there because they need that baby milk now and not later. Hady decided to help those kids.

So, he set up his own fundraiser. It was a beautiful basket, hand painted with a sign written by a reluctant reader and writer, but a determined humanitarian activist nevertheless. Location - our home so the donations were really mainly pennies laying around the house.

After two days of collecting, Hady brought the basket in to NuDay Syria's office (aka our livingroom since we work with no overhead) and requested we count up the funds collected and add it to our cash box. 

Hady had collected $8.73, more than enough to buy a can of baby milk or three soccer balls inside Syria. Certainly not a bad feat when you are 7 years old and have to hunt down your donations (literally speaking).

And, you know what? The thing is #IfHadyCanDoIt #YouCanDoIt. Go through your spare change, ask everyone at your work place and at home to look in their pockets and I challenge you that you can easily locate at least $10 in spare change, change that literally will save a life.

#OnePersonAtATime #OneHumanityCloser

#IfHadyCanDoIt #YouCanDoIt

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