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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Ex-Saker Students Association USA Inc

To alleviate the overcrowding and the safety risks associated with the current structure at S.B.C.


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$10,000 goal

GOING BEYOND THE SAKER GIVING WEEK. My new target is 08/31/2023.

Would you consider helping me reach my goal on behalf of these young girls? Thank you.

SAKER GIVING WEEK (July 17-24, 2023)

This week was set aside to raise funds for my alma mater towards the construction of a multipurpose dining facility. Would you consider helping me reach my goal? 


Construction of a Modern-Day Multi-purpose Dining Facility

Funds to this project will support the construction of a modern-day multi-purpose dining facility. The current dining facility was constructed in 1963 (see photos below), and, as you can imagine, the structure of this dining facility is aged and crumbling, and despite multiple repairs, the facility is considered unsafe. Additionally, the original facility was built with an anticipated maximum occupancy of 400 girls. Today’s enrollment is over 1000 girls - more than twice the capacity of the dining facility. The building is far too small to provide safe and sanitary eating space for the girls, due to overcrowding and other potential health hazards and associated security risks.

To learn more, visit the website.

This fundraiser supports

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Ex-Saker Students Association USA Inc

Organized By Dr. Julie Besong

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