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Please Make a Donation Towards Shadow's Dental Care & Neuter = $1500

Did you know that rabbit's teeth NEVER stop growing and that dental afflictions are one of their most common ailments?

Unfortunately, this is the case for poor Shadow.  

Shadow came to us as an owner surrender.  He seemed healthy enough when he first arrived until we watched him having difficulty chewing and discovered that his chin was soaking from drool.

It turns out, Shadow had sharp points on one of his lower left side molars which created an ulcer on the inside of his cheek.

Luckily, we caught the problem quickly and got Shadow the dental filing he needed before it led to more complications. Shadow was neutered at the same time.

Unfortunately, his vet predicts that Shadow will require tooth trimmings 3 to 4 times a year.

Our total fundraising goal is $1500

This will help us to cover the cost of the x-rays, dental care & neuter for Shadow

We are happy to report that Shadow is recovering well from his treatments and is now eating greens and pellets without any problems.

We are still trying to get him to eat hay.

He is currently available for adoption to someone who is:

*sensitive and observant enough to notice subtle changes in appetite & behavior *willing and able to take on the expense of regular dental care by a rabbit savvy vet

Otherwise, he is a strong, healthy rabbit with the signature velvety soft fur associated with his Mini Rex breed.  

If interested, please email us at to begin the adoption process.  

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