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I invite you to give what you can to an organization that does the work to heal our communities.

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Since 1982, Men Stopping Violence has engaged men and communities to take action to end violence against women and girls. MSV believes that only by mobilizing all men to prevent violence against women, we stand a better chance of ending it. 

MSV has responded to the moment with unique community-based programs that are critical to creating safety for women and girls in our communities: 

  • Men’s Education Program: MSV’s flagship education program for male-identified individuals has two primary components: Men At Work and Tactics and Choices. Men At Work is for anyone who identifies as male and wants to live more peacefully, establish meaningful relationships in their lives, and create safe communities for women and girls. Tactics and Choices participants are men arrested on family violence charges and referred to the class by the courts. This workshop is designed to support men’s transformation and to transform the way that men talk with each other about male violence against women and girls.

  • Young Men Stopping Violence Leadership Development Program: YMSV was created in response to the growing number of teen dating violence statistics within the United States and in the state of Georgia.  Men Stopping Violence, a leader in the intimate partner violence prevention movement, designed the program to educate young men on teen dating violence and begin reversing the current trends. By reaching men earlier in life during their developmental years, MSV is hoping to educate and help them re-envision masculinity, healthy relationships, and their role as it pertains to women's rights and safety.

  • Training and Consultation: Through our training and consultation services, MSV provides an average of 30 presentations each year to religious institutions, colleges, schools, criminal justice organizations, other nonprofits, corporations, government agencies, civic organizations, and media. MSV training provides individuals, institutions, and agencies with tools for building safer communities for women and girls. We also conduct research and write articles and white papers on innovative approaches to the movement, such as our project to propose a new definition of male sexual violence.

MSV works locally and nationally to organize a critical mass of men who will work as allies in the movement to end violence against women and girls and contribute to preventing male violence against women. Your support will allow us to reach more men and advance safer communities for women and girls in our communities.  

Please help Men Stopping Violence respond to the moment. Thank you!

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Men Stopping Violence

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