Kona's Owners Were Heartless

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Imagine being part of a family where you were loyal and loved your owner. Then one day, for no particular reason, your whole life is turned upside down because your family decided they didn't want you anymore. That is exactly what happened to poor Kona. This 4 year old boxer mix was abruptly discarded by his owners for no reason at all. He now is at the mercy of the rural VA shelter where he lives. With no potential adopters, Kona's only hope at a future is if a rescue can get him out from a life behind bars. Homeward Trails would be delighted to save this handsome boy, but his rescue has to be covered with donations before the commitment to get him can be made. Can you sponsor Kona, in hopes that some day he can have a family who will love him and keep him for his whole life?

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