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The reason I want to do stark naked:  I’ve worked out consistently since I was 15 with weights, yoga, basketball and other activities. Since I joined stark in April 2022, I learned how my body functions better through different modalities offered.  For example, having a nutritionist, an MD, a chiropractor, and my trainer all be able to have my profile on hand has enabled me to understand my goals and body in depth, which brought great results.  The providers and I together, communicate my needs to bring together the healthiest version of myself.  My body feels aligned, my blood work is improving, and my muscle mass to fat ratio is solid. 

Doing stark naked is an inspiration to see just how much money we can raise for an awesome charity.  I chose adopt together charity because I attended an event that explained how much care and effort goes into making sure foster children can have a loving home.  This charity also felt right because meeting the people who run it, it is obvious how much they care and the money will go directly to the cause. It’s a win win and I’m excited and honored to be a part of it!

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