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Ovarian Cancer Circle/Inspired By Robin Babbini
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THE OVARIAN CANCER CIRCLE is committed to creating an ever-expanding ring of networking, education and support for women of all ages who are affected by ovarian cancer.

THE CIRCLE is dedicated to funding research that will lead to a cure for ovarian cancer.

Paulinda Schimmel Babbini is originally from Valley Stream, New York, came to Los Angeles in 1975. Her life was turned upside down in 2004 when her 17-year old daughter Robin was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Robin lost her life at the age of 20.

To honor Robin’s memory, Paulinda founded THE OVARIAN CANCER CIRCLE.

Please donate what you can to help us find a cure!

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Ovarian Cancer Circle/Inspired By Robin Babbini

Organized By Todd Vande Hei

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