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Quail Springs

With your help, we have the opportunity to create climate-resilient and dignified housing for all.


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$100,000 goal

Thanks to everyone who donated to our campaign!

Update posted 4 years ago

We're so grateful for the support we received during this campaign; we exceeded our fall fundraising goal by more than $40,000, thanks to you! With these funds, we'll be able to take the next important steps toward making earthen building a real, permittable option for people in our region.

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From all of us at Quail Springs: thank you!!

We believe in climate-resilient and dignified housing for all.

And we know how to build it.

Communities all over the world face housing and climate crises at an unprecedented rate. We need a solution.

This fall, Quail Springs is raising $100,000  to help legalize earthen building.

Quail Springs is forming a coalition of building officials, architects, academic researchers, builders, engineers, and activists to change building codes locally, nationally, and internationally.

With your help, we have the opportunity to create climate-resilient and dignified housing for all.

Quail Springs is a leading environmental educational nonprofit in the high desert of Southern California. Since 2004, we have empowered students of all ages through our programs in earthen building, nature connection, and regenerative agriculture.

What are earthen buildings?

Earthen buildings (also called "cob" or "monolithic adobe") are buildings constructed from straw, sand, and clay. Quail Springs has taught this style of building for over ten years — and now we want to help make earthen building legal and accessible to all. Quail Springs has already taken the first steps to establish our site as a fully permitted world-class demonstration center, featuring legal, fire-safe, low-carbon-footprint earthen buildings.

Why now?

We are at a crossroads in human history. We must respond in timely and innovative ways to our changing climate. With the reality of high-intensity wildfires and other natural disasters, limited affordable housing, and widespread houselessness, it’s time for a change in how we respond to the human right to shelter.

Last year, in partnership with Cal Poly University San Luis Obispo, we began official earthquake testing on earthen walls to pave the way for permitting and accessibility. Then in late September 2019, the Cob Code ("cob" is a type of earthen building) passed the International Code Committee by a vote of 94%! Now it is up for the next and final level of voting. The momentum is building!


Your gift means we can take these crucial next steps in 2020:

  • Conduct essential official fire and earthquake testing on earthen walls
  • Advocate for earthen building codes in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties
  • Produce free and pre-approved earthen “tiny house” plans to promote affordable housing and accessible building

How to Get Involved:

  • Give! Get your donation matched by Patagonia this December by giving on their Action Works page.  Click the DONATE button and give what you can. Every bit matters.
  • Donate by check and send it to our address at the bottom of this page.
  • Connect us with investors, building officials, engineers, architects, researchers -- anyone who can support this work!
  • Talk with your local building officials about earthen building in your area.
  • Throw a fundraising or informative event in your community.
  • Reach out to us at with your ideas, questions, etc.!
  • Share this page - spread the word to your networks!

We are so grateful for your support and your solidarity.

For more information, follow our updates and visit us at

"Building and safety codes are behind the times. Waiting for another fire season to come upon us is asking for more loss and lives at risk. We urgently need safe, non-toxic, affordable, fire-resistant homes."

-Ray Powers, Ojai City Planning Commissioner

"Quail Springs is demonstrating the ability to build quality affordable housing that uses far less energy and water. Their efforts should be celebrated by this community and its government. In order to live in a better world, we need more people to embrace sustainability like the community at Quail Springs has."

- Das Williams, Santa Barbara County Supervisor

Gratitude to Regenerative Solutions for the production of this video.

Checks may be addressed to:

Quail Springs

35070 Highway 33
Maricopa, CA 93252

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