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My name is Lisa Reese and I am a wife and mother to three awesome little humans.

I have been training at Stark for nearly two years and I am finally ready for a new chapter in my health and fitness goals. I learned that the 2024 Stark Naked competition was approaching and I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and be a part of something truly special.

This will be my first Stark Naked competition and I am excited to be representing Max Love Project.

I was motivated to find a charity that supports children and families in need, which led me to fall in love with Max Love Project.

Max Love Project is a small, but incredible non-profit organization that supports children suffering from cancer or any rare disease. The organization  also provides support to the siblings and parents, from diagnosis through grief.  They focus on emotional support, & culinary medicine to enhance quality of life.

I have personally experienced a similar situation with one of my children; where I felt lost and hopeless. My husband and I did not know where to turn to within the healthcare system. When I learned that  Max Love Project cares for kids with cancer and other rare diseases, I knew I wanted to become involved and be a part of their mission.

Max Love Project is the only childhood cancer & rare disease nonprofit that is exclusively devoted to helping provide families with the resources, knowledge and skills they need to thrive within the health care system of today - where the standard of care for most life limiting illnesses does not include essential integrative therapies.

The Max Love Project gives families a real place to turn to, as well as a nurturing community. I think the Max Love Project is a beautiful gift and I am proud to support such a remarkable organization.

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