Denver Colfax Marathon 2024

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About Us:

In a city as vibrant as Denver, the stark reality of food apartheid persists—20 neighborhoods across 15 zip codes experience systemic lack of fresh food due to urban policy and structural inequity. Founded in 2014, Denver Food Rescue (DFR) emerged to confront these disparities head-on, aiming to secure health equity for all Denver residents. By focusing on the intersection of food waste and health inequities, we've created channels that not only rescue fresh produce but also respect the cultural and dietary needs of the communities we serve.


DFR’s mission is to produce health equity with Denver residents. DFR’s primary goal is to provide access to healthy food choices for those living in under-resourced areas. There are 20 neighborhoods in over 15 Denver zip codes that are considered to be areas of food apartheid, areas where a systemic lack of fresh food is created by urban policy and structural inequity. To achieve equitable health outcomes, these communities need access to fresh, culturally responsive, nutritious, and affordable foods year-round.

Fueling the Race for Health Equity with Denver Food Rescue

Dear Runners of the 2024 Colfax Marathon,

As you lace up your running shoes and set your sights on the finish line of one of Denver's most iconic races, we invite you to join Denver Food Rescue in a parallel race - a race towards achieving health equity for all Denver residents.

Your Strides Make a Difference:

Any Donation: Just like every step counts in a marathon, every contribution you make helps us stride towards health equity.

$50: Just as you conquer miles, your $50 can rescue 400 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, fueling our No Cost Grocery Programs across over 20 locations.

$100: Echoing your endurance, $100 provides 10 culturally responsive fresh food meal boxes, nourishing families battling food insecurity.

Become a Roots & Resilience Monthly Donor: As you commit to your training, commit to planting seeds of change and nurturing community strength.

Why Monthly Donations? Perfect for Marathoners:

Convenience: Spread out your donations like your training runs – manageable and consistent.

Consistency: Your steady support helps us plan and execute programs efficiently, much like a well-planned race strategy.

Deeper Connection: Join an exclusive community of donors, receive updates, and engage in special events, celebrating the milestones just as you would in your marathon journey.

Witness the Impact:Stay updated on the tangible effects of your contributions – a celebration of positive change akin to crossing the marathon's finish line.

Our Programs – A Marathon of Support:

No Cost Grocery Programs (NCGP): Community-driven efforts, much like the spirit of the Colfax Marathon.

Food Recovery and Distribution: Annually rescuing over 700,000 pounds of fresh produce, mirroring the marathon's scale and impact.

Healthy Choice Food Box Delivery (HCFB): Direct support to 600 families monthly, as you directly impact the community with your race.

Self Sufficiency and Nutrition Program (SAN): Empowering the next generation, much like how the marathon inspires countless runners.

Join the Race Towards a Healthier Denver:As you experience the thrill of the Colfax Marathon, remember that your participation can extend beyond the race course. Together, we can transform Denver's landscape of food access and health equity.

Run strong, make a difference!

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