We're All a Little Mad Here...Slumber Pawty 2024

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Employees of The Mad Cattery participate in the SPCA Shelter Slumber Pawty fundraiser!


raised by 22 people

$2,000 goal

Once a year, the SPCA hosts its annual fundraiser known as the Slumber Pawty. It is an event where volunteers, supporters, and even employees spend the night at the shelter to raise funds for the animals in need. This year, at The Mad Cattery, a quirky yet beloved cat shelter, the employees are gearing up for a night of fun, fundraising, and feline frolics.

As the sun sets over Lake Jackson, the volunteers will begin to arrive, armed with sleeping bags, snacks, and plenty of enthusiasm. The Mad Cattery, with its cozy nooks and crannies filled with cats of all shapes and sizes, is the perfect venue for such an event.

The employees will quickly get into the spirit of things. They will set up makeshift beds in the communal area, ensuring there is plenty of space for both humans and cats to mingle. The resident felines, sensing the excitement in the air, will purr and rub against the legs of their temporary roommates.

As the evening wears on, games will be played, stories will be shared, and laughter will fill the air. Some volunteers will take turns reading bedtime stories to the cats, while others engage in friendly competitions to see who could stack the most cat toys without them toppling over.

As midnight approaches, the Cattery will take on a magical aura. Soft moonlight filtering through the windows, casting shadows on the walls adorned with pictures of past adoptions. The employees, exhausted but elated, will gather in a circle to reflect on the importance of their work and the impact it has on the lives of the animals they care for.

As dawn breaks and the Slumber Pawty draws to a close, the employees of The Mad Cattery will feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. They had spent the night surrounded by the very creatures they dedicated their lives to helping, and in doing so, will raise much-needed funds to support their cause.

As they say their farewells and began to drift off to sleep, the cats of The Mad Cattery will curl up beside them, purring contentedly. For in that moment, they were not just employees and volunteers; they were a family, united in their love and compassion for animals in need. And as long as there were cats to be cared for, they will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that every one of them finds a loving forever home.

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