Medical Emergency Supply Kits during war

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Israel must upgrade Medical Supply kits for MDA Volunteer Community First Responders!


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Over the last few months, the citizens of Israel have experienced a dramatic escalation of “lone-wolf” type terror attacks. These acts are uncoordinated and carried out by individuals, mainly using rudimentary weapons such as knives and stones - but these attacks have been deadly and they are spreading thought the Land. 

On many occasions, basic techniques using basic medical supplies are making the difference in the first seconds or minutes following a terror attack and resulting in patients surviving wounds that would otherwise be fatal. 

MDA would like to upgrade the medical capabilities in the communities throughout the country with Volunteer Community First Responders - in cities, suburbs, agriculture communities etc. - by providing basic medical supply kits to the up to 5,000 highly trained men and women (above the age 18) who are certified MDA or the IDF.


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