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These two poodles, a mother (Minnie) and daughter (Baby), came from a suspected puppy mill in Florida. They were given away because they were in bad shape. Once they were out of the puppy mill, Minnie delivered a single puppy who was stillborn. Before their rescue, they lived in outdoor dirty cages. When the good Samaritan took them in, the signs of neglect were clear - they were malnourished and dehydrated, covered in fleas and ear mites. They were shut down and scared. 

The good news is they will never again face neglect. But the damage was done and they needed substantial medical care, including dentals, to get back on their feet. We're committed to bringing them to Homeward Trails so they can never have to struggle again. Please help us welcome them and cover the cost of their rehabilitation. Baby still needs her dental when she arrives and puts on enough weight.

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