Construction of a Modern-Day Dining Facility

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Building a new Dining facility will curb overcrowding and fix a potential health hazard. Join us!


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Construction of a Modern-Day Multi-purpose Dining Facility

Funds to this project will support the construction of a modern-day multi-purpose dining facility. The current dining facility was constructed in 1963 (see photos below), and, as you can imagine, the structure of this dining facility is aged and crumbling, and despite multiple repairs, the facility is considered unsafe. Additionally, the original facility was built with an anticipated maximum occupancy of 400 girls. Today’s enrollment is over 1000 girls - more than twice the capacity of the dining facility. The building is far too small to provide safe and sanitary eating space for the girls, due to overcrowding and other potential health hazards and associated security risks.


Left: Current facility at the top and bottom: Architectural rendition of proposed facility (Picture source: E. Ayuk)

To alleviate the overcrowding and the safety risks associated with the failing structure, EXSSA is collaborating with other stakeholders to construct a state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility, and we need your support. This modern facility will serve as a dining hall and a venue for other enrichment programs with the potential to generate income that would be used for the maintenance and upkeep of the facility, ensuring its sustainability for the future. The modern facility will reduce overcrowding, improve mealtime participation, and improve student’s interaction during mealtime, reducing conflicts and building a healthy learning environment.

Make this possible by donating today. Each level of sponsorship earns an appropriate legacy recognition visible inside or outside the building for posterity

Levels of Sponsorship


You can also choose to give a standard donation as you see fit: 

$50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $500  $1000 etc.   

Together, we can transform the lives of the girls and enable them to soar and reach their full potential. No matter which project you choose to support, when you give to EXSSA-USA you are investing in a bright future for the girl-child and helping to educate a nation.

Thank you for supporting EXSSA-USA! All gifts are tax deductible. For further information contact the Project Coordinator at:


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