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The Hopi Foundation Lomasumi'nangtukwsiwmani
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"Preserving Hopi farming traditions, strengthening the local Hopi food system and developing innovative sustainable strategies for wellness"


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Make a donation in honor of a Hopi farmer or gardener who has influenced you or who contributed to farming & food traditions! 

"Agriculture is an act of faith" for the Hopi that serves as a religious focus as well as an economic activity. That resourcefulness is seen in our ability to adapt to our surroundings as in our perfecting of a cultivation method knows as "dry farming". Dry farming depends completely on natural precipitation-winter snows for summer monsoon rains. Hopi farmers plant their crops in the washes or valleys between mesas. Hopi farmers have even developed their own varieties of crops such as yellow, blue, red, white, speckled, and sweet corn; been varieties, squash; and melons. (Leigh Kewanwisiwma, Thirst For Survival, The Hopi Tribe.)

The overall health and well-being of our communities cannot be addressed without an improvement in diet and commensurate restoration of our local food system. In order to meet our objectives, the Natwani Coalition is working to leverage volunteers, collaborators, and institutions on and off the Hopi reservation. Our strategy is to launch mutually reinforcing projects that, over time, will collectively strengthen and restore the local food system, and honor our Hopi farming & food traditions.

The Coalition for 10 years has been successful in developing community-born and driven initiatives that address local issues and needs around Hopi food and agriculture. Every initiative provides service in an inter-generational approach and family-oriented setting. These projects are all related to the restoration of the Hopi food system and strengthening time-honored Hopi farming traditions.

Examples of our initiatives include the following:

  • Hopi Community Food Assessment
  • Educational Outreach for Hopi-Tewa communities on Hopi Food and Farming
  • Hopi Agricultural & Food Symposium (biennial event)
  • Historical Hopi Agricultural Photo Exhibit
  • Hopi Farm Talk (aired monthly on KUYI Hopi Radio,
  • Hopi Natwani for Youth Project - Farming Curriculum
  • Community Advisory Board
  • Hopi Heirloom Seed Restoration Initiative

Show your support by making your donation today and help us to honor our farming traditions and the people who carry them. The Natwani Coalition appreciates your contribution to the work that is being done within the Hopi-Tewa community.

To learn more about the Natwani Coalition visit our webpage at:

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