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Raising money for LIFEDesigns endowment! Support people with disabilities to be independent.


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LIFEDesigns is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports people with disabilities to be independent. We were formed in 1982 by a group of parents who had children with developmental/intellectual disabilities. When they were told their children would spend their life living in an institution, they decided there should be a better "option". They founded LIFEDesigns (previously known as "Options") to provide staff supports to people with disabilities to help them live in their own homes. 

From these humble beginnings LIFEDesigns has become a large organization serving over 450 clients in South Central Indiana with over 240 employees. The majority of the clients LIFEDesigns serves are adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe that with the right supports in place, everyone can live in their own home and work in the community. We believe that everyone should be valued for their abilities, and we choose to see people for their talents.

LIFEDesigns services are reimbursed through Medicaid. Unfortunately, those rates only cover about 90% of the true costs of service. LIFEDesigns must raise funds to "bridge the gap" and cover the remaining 10%. 

LIFEDesigns has an endowment held at the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County. Growing our endowment fund is essential to our long term sustainability. Growing this fund will ensure we have a consistent stream of revenue even through difficult times. Over time, if we grow it large enough, it could allow us to increase our employee wages which would help to ensure consistent and high quality supports to our clients. 

The Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County has awarded us a challenge grant: $0.50 matching funds for every $1.00 raised. Our overall fundraising goal is $15,000. We only get the matching funds if we meet that goal. 

My personal goal is to raise $1000.00 towards this challenge. It is important to me because I have a son with a disability who will need some additional supports through life. When my husband and I are gone, or older and don't have the strength to support him anymore I would feel much better knowing there is a system in place for him to continue living life with the supports he needs to do simple life tasks and get out in the community on his own. My hope for him is likely the same as any parent: that he finish school and get a job he enjoys...that he learns to save money and budget his finances...that he learns to cook and cares about living a healthy lifestyle...that he has friends and can go do things with them...that he lives in his own place, and can generally take care of himself and his home. My son Jaxson is the type of person your gift will ensure a future for. Your gift to our endowment means that LIFEDesigns will be able to serve more people and that LIFEDesigns will always be there for those in need of a little extra support.

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