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We often don't have any background on where our pets come from or what has happened in the time before they arrive with us, but we know from the onset that whatever has occurred to this sweet puppy in the 8 weeks she has been alive hasn't been good.  She was discovered yesterday in an alley, in a crate by Lafayette Animal Control.

She is much too thin, her skin is covered with lesions and her foot pads are ulcerated.  Her condition was a mystery to animal control and we sought the help of the Purdue Small Animal Clinic to figure out what is wrong and how we can help her.

Unfortunately, even this morning we still aren't sure.  Her symptoms could point to distemper, which would be a very grave prognosis for this little girl but we can't be sure that is the cause of her problems.  We weren't ready to give up on her, just because her problem could be potentially fatal, we wanted to give her a chance and take the time to find out if we can save her, because she deserves a shot at a long, happy life.

Because of her potential for carrying distemper, she has to be quarantined at Purdue until we receive her test results which could be 2-8 days and quarantine care is expensive.  We've named this little one Journey, because it is going to be a long journey for her to wellness.

We don't want to stop believin' that Journey can pull through, will you help us?

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