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Odella needs some peace for her puppies


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Odella is a 7 year old Beagle who has been through far too much in the last several months. Odella was brought to a shelter in NC where she was immediately overwhelmed and scared by the other dogs and unfamiliar place. She was desperate to escape, and after trying several times, succeeded. The shelter and community tried to catch her for several months before she was finally found and brought back. However, Odella was now found to be pregnant, and this did not help her fear of the shelter. At Homeward Trails, we were also worried about her having her puppies in the shelter, as puppies are at a higher risk of illness and infection there. We brought Odella safely to Homeward Trails, where she is now with a loving and caring foster home. She will be able to have her puppies in a much better environment than the shelter, but we still need your help. Odella still needs veterinary care and monitoring for her puppies, as well as all of the associated costs when they arrive, and finally will need to find a forever home herself. Please help her journey come to a happy conclusion!

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