Way Too Handsome To Be Homeless

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Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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Can we help Odie before it is too late?


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Handsome Odie was found as a stray in rural VA. This poor boy is lucky to be alive. Stray dogs have very difficult lives. Their time is spent searching for food and water, and avoiding dangers such as cars and other animals. Odie was likely quite relieved when he was found and brought to a rural shelter. While Odie is happy to have a roof over his head and regular meals, he is wondering if he will ever get out of his life in a cement dog run. Black dogs in particular have a very difficult time getting adopted. Statistics say that black dogs spend 4 times as long waiting to be adopted. Odie can't bear to spend even one more day alone, let alone 4 times the normal wait! Homeward Trails doesn't want Odie to waste away behind bars. They are ready to get him on the next ride out of the shelter as soon as his rescue funds have been raised. Odie would be over the moon if he could start his life over again. Your sponsorship can give him the best chance at a wonderful future!

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