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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Jubilee Theatre
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For the next 42 months will display the power of theatre in communication, &community service.


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$24,000 goal

Dear Jubilee Theatre Family,

As we embark on the transformative journey of our nEXt 42 Initiative, we are reaching out to you, our cherished supporters, to join hands in propelling Jubilee Theatre to new heights. Our vision for the future is bold and impactful, centered around growth, inclusivity, and sustained excellence. We are focusing on critical operational needs to achieve these ambitious goals that will lay the foundation for our success.

**Operational Needs: Elevating Our Infrastructure for Greater Impact**

1. **HR Platform:** A robust Human Resources platform is vital to streamline our internal processes, enhance organizational efficiency, and ensure that our dedicated team can focus more on what they do best – creating extraordinary theatre experiences. Your support will empower us with the tools to effectively manage our talent, optimize workflows, and foster a vibrant, collaborative work environment.

2. **Donor Management Software:** The heart of our nEXt 42 Initiative lies in expanding our impact on the community. To achieve this, we need advanced Donor Management Software that allows us to build stronger relationships with our supporters, track contributions effectively, and personalize our engagement strategies. Your contribution will strengthen the backbone of our fundraising efforts, ensuring transparency, accountability, and a more meaningful connection with you – our invaluable donors.

3. **Extended Staffing:** As we venture into this exciting phase of growth, extending our staffing is paramount. Additional personnel will enable us to dedicate more resources to donor cultivation, community outreach, and program development. Your support in staffing will catalyze our efforts to bring more diverse, compelling stories to the stage and expand our educational initiatives.

**How You Can Make a Difference:**

- **Donate Now:** Your financial contribution will directly impact the implementation of these operational enhancements, bringing us closer to our vision for the future.

- **Spread the Word:** Share our fundraising mission with your networks, encouraging others to support the nEXt 42 Initiative.

- **Become a Champion:** Consider becoming a Jubilee Theatre Champion by making a sustained commitment to support us on this transformative journey.

**Together, We Shape the Future of Jubilee Theatre:**

Your generosity is not just an investment in Jubilee Theatre; it's a vote of confidence in the power of the arts to inspire, educate, and unite. With your support, we will not only meet our operational needs but also propel Jubilee Theatre to the nEXt level of impact, relevance, and excellence.

Thank you for being a vital part of our artistic family. Your support makes our dreams achievable, and we are excited to share the journey ahead with you.

With gratitude,

Jubilee Theatre

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