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Andy and I have been trying to start a family for just over 4 years now. We have been fortunate enough to conceive naturally 2 times but sadly both pregnancies ended up being ectopic. After countless doctors appointments and tests, 5 emergency room visits and 2 emergency surgeries, I lost both of my tubes leaving IVF as my only way to conceive. There is nothing that can prepare a person for the loss of a baby but also for the loss of the ability to have a child naturally. It is an incredibly difficult situation that far too many people experience. 

Not only is battling infertility  an emotional struggle, there is also a great financial burden placed on far to many people due to so many insurance companies not covering the necessary procedures people like us need in order to have a child.  After countless hours of combing through our insurance policy and doing research on fertility coverage laws, I called and emailed  many people from our insurance company to try and get approved for IVF and was told that it was not possible with our plan by every single person.  

 Thankfully there are amazing people and organizations such as the Cade Foundation that help by providing financial support to families like Andy and myself.  We hope to share our story and help people understand infertility and support people like ourselves who may be suffering a loss.  We ran this race last year and it was amazing to see so many people come together for such a special cause and it was truly and honor to be a part of. We can't wait to participate this year with many of our family and friends. We are so thankful for all of the people that are kind enough to donate and help families find the rainbow at the end of their storm.  We can't wait to have our rainbow baby and we are happy we get to share our journey with our family and friends that have supported us over the years.

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Tinina Q Cade Foundation Inc

Organized By Sarah Duggan

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