Extend Hope to Orphans 2022

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Thank you for joining us to provide HOPE through grants and sponsorship for orphaned children!


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One Champion [YOU] to Extend Hope 🌎

Update posted 1 year ago

Every kid is ONE caring adult 

away from being a success story.  

- Josh Shipp

Project One Forty Three Supporters, 

[YOU] have been the difference maker in 2022 and we are asking you to renew this commitment for children in 2023 as we EXTEND HOPE for orphan children. 

As 2022 unfolded,  so much changed, particularly for orphan and vulnerable children. Our incredible donors have stood alongside us and helped care for these precious children: 

[YOU] committed to providing funding for food, transportation, power banks, medical supplies, clothing, school supplies, electrical repairs, and Easter and Christmas celebrations to give children some stability and normalcy - in a world where nothing is normal. 

[YOU] also provided hosting grants for over HALF of our 55 children hosted this summer!! This was an incredible gift allowing children to travel that otherwise would not have had the opportunity! Hosting changes lives and your generosity gave this gift to children!

We have BIG aspirations for all we can do in 2023. 

But we can’t do it alone.  

How will [YOU] commit to EXTEND HOPE for the new year?

The entire world has changed in the last year, and kids’ needs have never been greater. There is a growing, exponential need for Project One Forty Three's commitment to the orphaned and vulnerable children of the world we serve. 

As 2022 comes to a close and we begin looking to the new year, we need your help more than ever. Your donations will go directly to children for hosting grants, transportation, food, electricity, clothing, and other basic needs as the world anticipates our year and needs ahead.

With your support, we know our impact can be magnified in the coming year!

How can you extend your support to orphans?

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