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Our Town Reno is a hyperlocal mutual aid oriented media collective with a website with our archives and affiliated social media platforms including Biggest Little Streets on Instagram, a regular podcast and a yearly zine.

One of the hashtags we use is #helpeachother as many of our stories about the locally unhoused or neighbors struggling with unaffordability lead to our readers helping others we write about with direct aid, solutions, friendships and new opportunities. 

We see constant evidence that our coverage, helped by reader alerts and sharing their own plights, is making a difference.  

Our reach keeps growing, with over 11-thousand followers on Facebook, 17-thousand on Instagram, and many videos on different platforms including TikTok reaching the hundreds of thousands of views.

As we recently became independent from our previous source of funding, we are turning to the community to help us pay for some of our expenses, which include paying for contributions from a street reporter who used to be unhoused herself, our yearly zine production, our website hosting, and several documentaries we are working on we’d like to show at an upcoming community event.

Our Town Reno provides unique stories often ignored or dismissed by local media, such as regular in their own words features about poorly sheltered neighbors, an Ideas for Progress page with solutions having been tested elsewhere, and promotions of mutual aid groups, small locally owned businesses and homegrown artists.

We believe in giving a constant voice to those struggling and to those trying to make Reno a better place, while remaining independent of any commercial, political or institutional pressures.  

Unlike for most other local media organizations, our reporters go regularly from the Cares Campus to train tracks, motels, parking lots and encampments along the river, to find out what our unhoused neighbors need and what they themselves would like to see to help them surmount their current difficulties. 

We use social media extensively where we offer all our content for free, because that’s where the eyeballs are these days, and where younger, less affluent people can get access to important community news. 

At Our Town Reno, we’d love to have you join our team as a tax-deductible contributor via this page, to help us on our journey to help make the Biggest Little City a kinder and safer place for all to thrive.  

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