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Tanzania has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the world. With limited cancer care facilities and prevention programs, there is limited knowledge among community members and healthcare workers surrounding the issue. The lack of information about cervical cancer contributes notably to late-stage presentation leading to a high mortality rate. Women in Tanzania have an increased likelihood of high-risk HPV infection that ultimately leads to cervical cancer if they are sexually active before age 18 and have had multiple sexual partners. There is an alarming lack of knowledge about cervical cancer and HPV among our study participants, although those with insurance have a better understanding. The focus of our outreach programs in rural areas is to target populations in need of health education and care. Cervical exams are very important in achieving a higher well-being for these communities, and each cervix test costs roughly $2. Donations are crucial and contributions of $25 can provide 12 Tanzanian women with life saving cervical cancer screenings–additionally, donors will receive a small pouch handmade by women in our program in East Africa. Donors who offer $50 and above will receive a large bag. 

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