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UCCA - Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
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Our mission: to support Ukrainian Soldiers and their families as well as refugee humanitarian needs


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$100,000 goal

The mission of Keep Ukraine Strong is to support Ukrainian Soldiers and their families as well as humanitarian needs for refugees - https://www.keepukrainestrong.org/


Our fellow friends and all of Ukraine’s citizens are in great peril requiring immediate support. Soldiers are fighting with their whole hearts and soul. They are putting their lives on the line defending their country, showing incredible bravery and with limited resources. We are to help their safety.


We are also supporting immediate humanitarian needs, children, and resettlement monies for housing and basic home furnishings, immediate needs.


Being started in spring 2022, #KeepUkraineStrong is a long-term effort to help Ukraine thought this war and then help to rebuild and prosper.


Keep Ukraine Strong is run by volunteers, so the administrative costs are minimal and all money raised goes for items and services that are truly needed and timely.

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