Saved From Life on a Chain

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Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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Poor Pita has lived most of his life chained up outside. This sweet 5 year old Feist mix was saved from a miserable life and brought to a southern VA shelter. His neck is finally free from heavy chains, but his healing is just beginning. Life for Pita was depressing and lonely. He definitely had no warm home to snuggle up in, as his only shelter was a meager dog house. Pita deserves for the second half of his life to be amazing. With your donations, this loving boy can put his sad past behind him and start getting excited for his future. However, without being sponsored, Pita will have to stay behind - trading a life on a chain for a life behind bars in a shelter. Please don't let Pita be forgotten and donate to this amazing dog's rescue today!

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