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Take the pledge to end the suffering of elephants used for entertainment and tourism!


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Elephants used for tourism suffer – but YOU can make a difference!

There is nothing humane about tourists interacting with captive elephants, including riding or bathing an elephant or participating in an up-close photo op, whether on an overseas trip or in the United States.

These attractions require the often-violent domination of elephants and a lifetime of misery for these highly intelligent, emotionally complex, and self-aware animals.

That’s why PAWS wants your pledge to:

  • Never ride an elephant – in another country or at home.
  • Never pet, bathe, or participate in an up-close photo op with an elephant.
  • Never patronize places where elephants perform tricks.

You can SIGN OUR PETITION by clicking here.

What the elephant tourism industry doesn't want you to know...

Elephants are torn from their mothers at a young age, although females naturally remain with their mothers for life. Whether brutally snatched from the wild or born in captivity, calves and mothers are undeniably traumatized.

Elephants are not domesticated – even those in born in captivity. They are wild animals forced through harsh training to submit to human control. Young elephants are physically and mentally “broken”– menaced and beaten by handlers to establish domination.

Handlers rely on the bullhook – a weapon similar to a fireplace poker – to control elephants used for interactions with the public and protect themselves. The bullhook (pictured below) provides a false sense of security for consumers and is a source of pain and fear for elephants.

Elephant “encounters” in the U.S. are just another form of exploitation. Elephants perform circus-style tricks, paint, and pose with paying customers for photos, while under the control of handlers wielding bullhooks. 

Elephant tourism does not conserve elephants in the wild or truly educate people. It sends the message that it’s acceptable to exploit elephants for entertainment and profit. 

Captive conditions generally fail to meet elephants’ complex needs. Government oversight is minimal or nonexistent. The worst abuses take place behind the scenes, out of public view.

Be part of the solution, not the problem!

Only support facilities that provide observation-only experiences with high quality elephant care. No elephant should have to suffer for tourists’ entertainment.


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Since 1984 PAWS has been working to end the suffering of captive wild animals in roadside zoos, the exotic “pet” trade, circuses and other entertainment – while providing safe refuge for elephants, big cats, bears and other wild animals at our 2,300-acre ARK 2000 natural habitat sanctuary in Northern California. For more information, www.pawsweb.org

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Please make a donation to PAWS today and help end the suffering of elephants used for tourism and entertainment.

In memory of David Reuben for his dedication to captive elephants and for making the “Take the Pledge” campaign possible!

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