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Meet Lyncoln! He's 6 years old, a ball full of energy and loves hugging his mama. Lyncoln enjoys soccer, PE, and jumping on the trampoline with his big brother. He also loves video games and animals. In December of 2023 Lyncoln was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. This has been a big adjustment to our family because although we knew he always had ADHD, we didn't suspect Autism. His official diagnosis was so helpful for us. We have spent a lot of time researching and learning all the information we can to best help Lyncoln navigate through life. Although Lyncoln his above average academically (He loves numbers, counting, and is a great reader), He struggles in social settings and kindergarten has been rough for him. He is currently in Occupational therapy.  Home life hasn't been easy either. Lyncoln has 3 siblings who he adores but consistently butts heads with. Lyncoln struggles with impulse control and boundaries, therefore, he can be quite destructive. He destroys property, throws plates of food, and hits family members. He understands that he can't always control what he's doing and that makes it even more difficult for him. After having an outburst, he feels immediate remorse and will start hitting himself and using "put down" words or talks about wanting to die. As his mother, this is excruciatingly difficult to watch/hear. After a few months of research and a lot of paperwork, we have decided to get Lyncoln a service dog. A service dog will have a huge impact on Lyncoln's life. It will help him in social settings where he can have difficulty connecting with people and giving space. A service dog will also help with different techniques at home like putting deep pressure on him to help calm down and will also help him to identify triggers and help with coping skills. We want the best for Lyncoln and ask for any help we can get to reach our goal. Thank you!  With love, The Cryer Family

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