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2021 End of Year Update

Update posted 3 years ago

Hello to our fabulous donors! Thank you, thank you for your generous support of this campaign. We wanted to update you on what Nowak has been up to since you made your donation. As you can see, we came pretty short on our goal as described. But we have been busy in other realms and are getting creative about finding more thrifty ways of getting the word out about psychedelics. We are set to launch a series called Community Chats that is linked with our #LetsTalkAboutPsychedelics campaign, which will consist of short video interview with members of our community (and perhaps some famous faces in the mix) speaking about their relationships to drugs and medicines. We'll be announcing these in our email newsletter, so make sure you are signed up!

Your donations will go to support the production of these videos, and will also help us create another series of short promo videos (30 seconds to 1 minute) to help spread the word about Nowak Society and our nonprofit mission. We would love to revive the full PSA project in the future, when additional funding comes in to get it moving again. Thank you for your passion for this work—it is truly a collective effort and we couldn't do our part without your support!

Wishing you all a happy, vibrant, psychedelic 2022!

The psychedelic renaissance is upon us! 

As more people begin to learn about and explore psychedelics, there's a pressing need for accurate  information that normalizes and empowers the public dialogue. The Nowak Society believes psychedelics hold immense potential for positively transforming our lives and the world we share. It is vital that our grassroots communities lead the way in shaping the emerging conversation around psychedelics in a manner that is well-informed, ethical, and inclusive of diverse perspectives.

"Let's Talk About Psilocybin" is the first in a series of community-supported PSAs that aims to educate the public about psychedelics through an open-minded, critical lens.

Taking a grounded yet playful approach, this series will reflect current research findings while staying accessible and engaging for a broad audience. Future PSAs will build dialogue around other substances such as LSD, MDMA, ayahuasca, ketamine, and ibogaine.

Our intention with this campaign is to dispel myths and encourage informed discussions about the use of these psychoactive medicines. Additionally, we aim to give voice to perspectives that can get marginalized in certain framings of psychedelic use—for example, recognizing the value of recreational experiences and the wisdom of indigenous practices. 

In alignment with the Decriminalize Nature campaigns taking root across the U.S., the PSAs will endorse the view that a socially just psychedelic movement must allow for individuals and communities to engage in their own healing and exploratory practices, alongside more clinical and psychotherapeutic approaches.

Where the Money Will Go

The "Let's Talk About Psilocybin" PSA was produced on a small budget of $1,000 with the help of a team of volunteers and professionals in media and marketing. These generous and passionate folks largely donated their time for the project. We want to pay people fairly for their work on future videos, so our expenses will be higher. We estimate additional PSAs will cost between $8,000 and $10,000 each.

If we reach our goal of $25,000, we will be able to produce up to 3 new videos in this series. Drawing on our network of sister organizations, media contacts, and social media influencers for viral promotion, we expect that these videos will reach thousands of people and provide invaluable information to guide this important conversation.

Are you inspired by this message and vision? Please support this campaign and help create content that advocates for the informed, empowered use of psychedelics in our communities!

Thank you!

Learn more about The Nowak Society at nowaksociety.org.

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