Fulfilling a Goal - From Captivity to Freedom

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A key to success! Acclimation enclosures give red wolves the best chance for thriving in the wild.


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Transitioning from Captivity to the Wild

Releasing captive-born red wolves into the wild is best accomplished when the wolves have an opportunity to experience life in the wild for a few months while still having some protection. A transition period for wolves raised under human care gives them the best chance at thriving in the wild and successfully reproducing. Wild-born pups are the real deal!

ACCLIMATION ENCLOSURES - A Key to Success in the Wild

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Red Wolf Recovery Program field team urgently needs an additional acclimation enclosure for captive-born red wolves that are to be released into the wild. These secluded spacious habitats enable the wolves to become accustomed to being completely isolated from human contact for a period of time so they can practice "being wild" before having to fend for themselves. A male and female have an opportunity to bond over the winter months and perhaps (we hope!) breed in February and produce pups in the spring. A red wolf family that has stayed together in a big enclosure habitat has a strong chance for success after the parents and pups are released into the recovery region.

A Proven Track Record

This strategy works - and your dollars will help to have another new enclosure installed and ready for use by early winter. Thanks to your support, we answered a call in 2022 when an enclosure was needed, and we know what a benefit this transition experience brings to red wolf restoration. We have made a commitment to the Red Wolf Recovery Team, and we need your help. We know we can count on you!

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