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Once there was a boy...

His name doesn’t matter, nor where he was from. 

He was affected from a  severe form of autism and he lived most of his life in a orphanage for kids with special needs. One day he began to throw a tantrum. He wanted something so desperately he began screaming and kicking. No one knew what he wanted and he didn’t know how to articulate one simple word. 

The caretakers tried to calm him down, but quickly got annoyed with him and tried to quiet him in a forceful manner. They didn’t have the time or the patience to sit him down and try to understand him, so the boy got beaten up and sedated because all he wanted was a glass of water. He could not communicate for his caretakers to understand him.

Lili Covaci,  a volunteer; at the time, was witnessing this whole scene. That experience had such a profound impact on her that it turned into a vision that drives her decisions and fuels her passions to this day.

She is now the founder and manager of Pyramid Learning Center, a place designed to care for  and teach kids with disabilities how to communicate their needs to others.

What is Pyramid Learning Center ?

Pyramid Learning Center is a one-of-a-kind association for two reasons.

Firstly, because it’s the only one that integrates the PECS method in Romania. 

Secondly, because of the personalized approach adapted to each child/teenager and their specific communication level.

Currently, PLC has 3 established centers: 2 in Oradea and one in Bucharest. Here, over 60 children have the opportunity of learning to communicate their feelings, thoughts and desires despite their disabilities. A handful of therapists, trained and initiated by Lili in the PECS method, bring joy to dozens of families.  They bring hope where there was none before and help bridge the communication gap between child and parent.

What is PECS?

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) is an process especially designed to assist people in communication who are unable to do so through speech. The system uses picture cards for communication. It’s one of the methods with the highest success rate that helps a child with severe speech disorder indicate his basic needs and wants.

Unfortunately, in Romania, though the need is huge, there is only one accredited association that uses this method: Pyramid Learning Center.

The Romanian Health System can’t provide much help for children with Down syndrome, behavioral disorders, autism, late cognitive development or genetic rare diseases. These kids are usually put through standard therapies with complete disregard to their own personalities, tendencies and profile. This results in the stagnation of their cognitive and communicational development.

Simply put, they never learn to make themselves understood. Neither verbally, nor visually. They can’t even ask for a glass of water. They are left to their own tantrums, misunderstood and mistreated to the despair of their parents.

A great need and a great opportunity!

With great needs come great opportunities to do good! To help those who can’t protect themselves and can’t speak up for themselves! 

PLC’s work in Romania is to enable these children to develop at least to the point where they can eventually live a life on their own without depending upon others. There was so much joy in the eyes of the parents of a little boy when they shared how he told them he was hungry through pictures or how he can sit still now for minutes and minutes at a time.

We strive to make lives easier first and foremost for the children and then for their parents and close family. And truly there’s no greater joy than when we see them progress and make steps forward despite all their struggles or hardships.

Our goal is to help more and more children and their families, so we need to hire more therapists. We want to build a larger facility that will accommodate more children who can benefit from our therapeutic model. 

We also plan to teach and instruct more PECS therapists.

 One of our biggest goals is to raise money for our first owned Pyramid Learning Center building in Romania. We are counting on your help to raise money to provide for the kids a safe place: a building with all the facilities needed to provide for them.   

God knows we want to give everything to these kids, to give them the best chance in life they can get.

Get involved:

We are inviting you to be part of our team and help us shape a better and safer future for these kids.

How can you help?

If our story resonates with you, there are at least 2 things you can do.

       1. SHARE this page with others.

       2. DONATE. Every little bit counts. Even $10.00 can make a difference in someone’s life. 

Would you like to be part of this incredible story? 

Your kindness can change lives.

Good Bureau, as listed below, is a 501(c)3 organization supporting Pyramid Learning Center and many other Romanian NGOs. The funds raised on this page will be used solely in support of Pyramid Learning Center's activity.

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