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Fundraiser for legal expenses for class action claims, for injuries resulting from COVID19 vaccines


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Update posted 10 days ago

Thank you to World Wide Rally for Freedom Mackay and event organiser Tine, for a beautiful afternoon with a dedicated and engaged group of people who were interested in hearing about the class action, and raised $1640 in donations collected on the day! An extremely generous effort from a smaller sized crowd, and this group of active community minded individuals was very inspiring 

This fundraiser is to assist with the legal costs for bringing class action litigation representing those who have experienced side effects from COVID-19 Vaccines; many of these side effects have been catastrophic and life changing.

Donations can also now by made via PayPal link- 

All funds raised will be used only for the direct costs for court fees, legal fees, barrister fees, expert opinion evidence and associated travel costs, including travel costs for the litigants to attend the hearings.  

No person will gain any 'cut' or percentage in the event the action succeeds, not Dr McCann as 'litigation funder', and not the legal team. If the action succeeds compensation awarded will be shared by the injured and the bereaved only.

Please visit the class action website for all details and link to join the

If you have any questions about this action please email

Please share and consider donating. 

Donation description will appear on bank statements as 'Mighty Cause'

For prospective donors of larger sums, please consider contacting us via email in the first instance, larger donations can now also be made to either the ASIC registered not for profit or directly to the instructing solicitor trust account.  Thank you to all donors but especially to several very generous donations recently directly to the solicitor trust account. 

If successful and costs recovered, all donations will be returned. This action is for the injured and the injured only. 

'In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'- George Orwell

A personal fundraiser by

Melissa M

Melissa M

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