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As the holiday season approaches, we are reminded of the power of unity and compassion, especially when facing challenging times. Today, we introduce you to the Generous Hearts, a resilient family that could use a little extra love and support this holiday season.


Meet Laura Thompson and her two remarkable children, Oliver and Isabella. 

The Joyful Spirits are navigating their way through significant changes, including the difficult process of transition and the absence of other family members in the state. These challenges, coupled with financial strain due to unexpected car troubles, have left them facing adversity.

Oliver, the youngest member of the Joyful Spirits, is a bright and spirited 3-year-old boy who brings joy to everyone around him. His interests include Zoom Zoom Racers, Doodle the Dinosaur, Paw Patrol, and the Sunshine City Soccer Team. Oliver's face lights up when he sees anything related to Zoom Zoom Racers, and he dreams of having his very own Power Wheels-type car with Zoom Zoom Racers decals. He's also an active little guy who would thrive with a Play Palace 10-class flex pass.

Isabella, at 11 years old, is a creative and resilient young lady who is finding her own path amidst the challenges of transition. She enjoys the music of Harmony Harmony, the Quest for Adventure series, and the movie Starlight Friends. Isabella's holiday wishes include a portable charger, Adventure Coins for her favorite games, a Starlight Friends Nintendo Switch cover, Starlight Friends chopsticks, and a mini microphone for her phone, which would allow her to explore her musical talents.

The Joyful Spirits' hearts are full of hope, and they are immensely grateful for any support offered during this holiday season. 

We invite you to make a difference in their lives by considering the following ways to help:

Gifts for Oliver: Please consider providing Oliver with his favorite toys, clothing in his size (3 T-shirts and pants, shoe size 9), and items related to his beloved interests. His face will light up with joy as he unwraps gifts that reflect his passions.

Gifts for Isabella: Fulfill Isabella's wishes for clothing (adult small, jeans size 6, shoe size 7.5), tech accessories, and Nintendo Switch-related items. Your generosity will make her holiday season truly special.


Financial Assistance: The family is currently facing financial difficulties, especially due to unexpected car troubles. If you can, please consider providing financial assistance or resources to help them with car maintenance and other essential expenses.

Let's come together as a community to make this holiday season a brighter one for the Joyful Spirits. Your generosity, no matter how big or small, will create lasting memories and provide hope during these challenging times.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and kindness in our community.

Warmest wishes for a joyful and heartwarming holiday season.



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