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Please help Radio CEPAD buy a new tuning box and get us back on the air!


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Radio CEPAD has been off the air for 3 days!

In the midst of unrest in Nicaragua CEPAD's Christian radio station has had an essential piece of equipment fail. The tuning box has burned which means the radio can no longer transmit over the air, it is currently only available online. 

Radio CEPAD is an essential piece of CEPAD's work, especially during this time of crisis as the radio provides information to many of the rural villages of Nicaragua. It also offers programs for prayer, music and biblical reflections. 

During this time of intense civil unrest the radio is an important piece of CEPAD's work to share information and analyze the situation. It also offers hope and prayers to people who are experiencing great losses as their country is destroyed. 

The radio station reaches all of the center of the country and 50% of the urban area and 70% of the rural area in the Pacific side of the country. It transmits for 12 hours daily. 

Please consider a generous donation to help us reach our goal of $3,000 to purchase this equipment. Thank you. 

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