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For our 12th anniversary celebration in 2023, we look to launch exciting new initiatives!


raised by 15 people

$120,000 goal



Current operating budget has been between $40-$60,000 with goal of covering all expenses including Coach/Admin Stipend ($1000/per), tournament fees, field rentals, equipment, uniforms, shooter shirts given to each participant yearly, and goals/nets/balls, as well as scholarship spots for any in need and yearly contributions to both the boys High School program at Glenwood Springs HS and the girls program at Carbondale RFHS.  RFLC has always taken into account family financial challenges and our fees have remained the lowest of lacrosse programs on the Western Slope. In an effort to keep our program all-inclusive we are looking to a new development program.

As always we want to thank all of our individual supporters & families, as well as our corporate donors: DolMar Development, ValleyOrtho @ Valley View, Bank of Colorado, Sopris Liquor & Wine, Umbrella Roofing, ANB Bank, Holy Cross Energy, Performance Electronics, Olde Towne Moving & Storage, MR. VAC, Glenwood Insurance Agency, Shawn O'Connor Photography and Academy Mortgage!

SWARM Initiative Fund (SIF)– With the launch of SIF, RFLC looks to raise $120,000 per year over the next 3- years through 2026 to ensure financial stability for our next decade through the following programs:
  • NCSA (Next College Student Athlete) – RFLC has established a new partnership with NCSA with provides a digital platform to promote student/athletes to Colleges and University coaches nation-wide across all NCAA, MCLA and NCLL divisions. While the initial listing for service is free, the interactive guidance provided by NCSA and with our partnership discount equates to $1000/per student/athlete.
    Allow $20,000. (20 spots per year)        
  • “Swarm Seniors - College Grants to Continue Playing Lacrosse” – Student Athletes will apply for grant at conclusion of Junior year season and receive funds in support of their college tuition- 4 years if they maintain a 2.75 GPA and continue playing lacrosse.  Allow $10,000 (2 boys and 2 girls at $2500/per (Note: program can continue to grow based on development efforts)
  • RFLC Coaches /Admin Stipend – currently at $1000/season- we look to double this to secure and keep the next generation of coaches.  Allow $25,000 (25 coaches at +$1000/per)                                             
  • RFLC Girls and Boys Program Directors- To secure young professional talent, a goal of RFLC is to locate and hire Directors for both the girls and boys programs. These positions haven’t existed in the past and are necessary to move the organization forward with dedicated (accountable) paid staff positions.  Allow $50,000 ($25,000 per – Boys and Girls) 
  • RFLC Operating Fund – Annual storage of gear/equipment, adding additional tournaments, equipment, uniform replacement, exploratory funds for hosting a special event fundraiser and/or tournament in 2023/24.  Allow $15,000.
  • Total Annual Goal: $120,000.*  [* = Represents new funding over and above annual $60,000 budget raised through registration fees, current corporate / individual donations.]



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