Desperate to leave the stray life behind!

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Roger and Asher have lived rough for too long


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Roger and Asher are two adorable 1 year old beagles who are ready for their lives to change! Roger and Asher were found as strays in rural VA, where they have been living rough for a while. Conditions as a stray have been especially difficult this winter, from snowstorms to freezing rain, and both Roger and Asher are desperate to find homes and leave that rough life behind. We want to bring both Roger and Asher to Homeward Trails, where they can recuperate safely while they wait for their forever homes! Both of these cute boys deserve the best, and we want to make sure they have all of the love and support (and regular meals!) we can give them while they wait. We are the best chance that these two adorable beagles have at finding a loving home, and both of them deserve a world of happiness after all that they have been through! Please help us change their lives for the better.

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