Sad Strays Without Humans & a Home

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Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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Strays. They all had owners. But where are they? Left to fend on their own & no one comes for them.


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Charlie was found along the highwayIt's hard sometimes to say what makes us sadder - when we see an animal who has a family dropped at the shelter as they move out of town or can no longer care for them or owner sadly died and no one can step up. Donny's ears literally perk up anytime he hears a voice at the shelter thinking he's going back home.OR when a dog is seen wandering by the town dump, along the highway or found curled up on a porch.

Cletus was running near a schoolyard looking for his humanAll these dogs once had humans and most often, they have been let down by them. This week we have 5 sad strays who all were found in one of the scenarios above. And once at the shelter - no one came for them.

They usually sit in the kennel looking anxiously and hopeful anytime someone comes into their area longing for that human they loved to be there to get them. But so often, that just never happens.

Carmen is terrified and pacing as she hopes her human will come find her. But that didn't happen.We desperately want to save these 5 strays asap. Please consider a donation of any size this week to help us get them all vetted, neutered, transported and safely here. 

Teddy is all love and trying to make the best of his days in the kennel. His coping method is to kiss everyone.Let's end their heartbreak once and for all.

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