Brave Little Hearts

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

The Domestic Violence Shelter Inc
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Empowering pediatric sexual assault survivors towards healing and resilience.


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$1,000 goal

Your Richland County shelter responds and advocates for over 50 children a year who have been sexually assaulted. 

In the quiet corners of a child's smile,
Lies a story, hidden all the while.
A tale of courage, strength untold,
In Brave Little Hearts, it unfolds.

Through stormy nights, they've seen the worst,
Yet their spirits are unbroken, undeterred.
With your kindness, let's change their fate,
And help these brave hearts recuperate.

Each penny you give, each dollar you part,
Helps mend a wound, heals a heart.
Your donation is more than just aid,
It's a beacon of hope, a promise made.

A heart drawn by a child, simple and pure,
Symbolizes a future secure.
By donating to Brave Little Hearts today,
You're helping that future find its way.

So donate now, let's take a stand,
Together we can lend a helping hand.
For every child deserves a start,
Etch your love in a child's heart.

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