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Update posted 2 years ago

Hi everyone! 

I want to thank you all for your continued support of the Ukraine Relief Fund: the SE Ukraine Task Force is still hard at work in affected regions around Europe promoting resilience and trauma resolution for refugees and helpers alike. 

Recently, the SEUTF shared a newsletter detailing ongoing initiatives in affected European nations—we hope you’ll take a moment to read it here:

Here's just a few of the interventions happening in recent weeks because of your generosity:

  • Volunteer SEPs have begun to offer free SE sessions for refugees, host families, and helpers to help them regulate their nervous systems and start to process their traumatic experiences.
  • Translations are continuing of SEI's SCOPE protocol: volunteers are still being recruited for translations into Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal), and Danish (Denmark).
  • The SEUTF website is live with resources, news, and ways to get involved. For ongoing events, resources, and calls for volunteers, take a look SEUTF's website here!

As the crisis in Ukraine and in neighboring nations is still ongoing, we will not stop supporting those in need and those helping them to heal. Throughout the summer, additional gifts made to this fund will:

  • Support the translation of webinars conducted by SEI faculty and Dr. Peter Levine dealing with the traumatic impacts of war
  • Provide greater on-the-ground crisis support, including more free SE sessions
  • Expand the Task Force’s capacity through administration and outreach

As work continues, we hope you will again give your most generous gift to promote healing, hope, and stabilization in the region. Thank you so much for your continued support!

With deepest thanks,


What is SE Humanitarian? 

SE Humanitarian (formerly SEUTF) is a humanitarian cooperation that supports SE Associations, SE Organizers, SE Trainers, SE Practitioners and other responders in their crisis response, trauma prevention and trauma recovery efforts in response to crises around the world.

What type of support is SE Humanitarian providing? 

  • Free educational webinars and events, presented with simultaneous language interpretation as requested by participants. Resource-filled lectures are offered by experts in the SE community followed by interactive Q&A. Recent topics have included:
    • Healing with Fairytales (Ana do Valle)
    • A Somatic Approach to Healing Conflict Related Sexual Violence (Ariel Giarretto and Lucia Roncalli)
    • Schools in Tune: Group Self-Regulation Processes for Returning to School Amidst Extreme Uncertainty (Alé Duarte)
  • The translation and distribution of SE resources such as the SCOPE protocol (30 languages and counting), Maggie Kline’s “Trauma in Children” Picture Book and Handbook, Ana do Valle’s “Dancing with Dragons” book, etc.
  • The creation and promotion of educational and training videos by leading experts such as Dr. Stephen Porges, Maggie Kline, Ariel Giarretto, Sonia Gomes, Marta Ułaszewska-Żuk, Elsbeth Horbaty, and Alé Duarte that address the specific needs of this crisis.
  • Holding space for SE Practitioners and other responders to convene, collaborate and coregulate.
  • Connecting emerging needs with volunteer resources by serving as a collection point for information exchange.
  • The promotion of SE activities, resources and opportunities through social media and various SE networks in Europe and the United States.

Who is involved in SE Humanitarian?

SE Humanitarian was initiated by the urgent call of Polish Organizer Marta Ułaszewska-Żuk and Senior SEI International Trainer Sonia Gomes in response to the war in Ukraine.  Following many meetings with the European Association for Somatic Experiencing (EASE) & SEI Board of Directors, Trainers, Organizers, Associations, Assistants and Crisis Response Experts from various NGOs, today the Task Force is co-chaired by Zlata Koštejnová (CZ) of the EASE Board of Directors and Rebecca Stahl of the SEI Board of Directors. 

How Can I Help?

The best way to help Somatic Experiencing practitioners who are providing direct services to individuals, families and communities affected by crises around the world is to make a direct financial contribution to Somatic Experiencing International. Monetary donations allow responders to immediately meet specific needs in the areas they are needed most. 

Why Individual Monetary Donations?  

Donations made through our online portal are flexible and can be used immediately in response to the crisis, allowing SEI access to funds to do exactly what is needed, when it’s needed. 

Your donation goes directly to the support of SE practitioners and the resources they need to effectively do their work. No amount is too small to make a difference. 

How will Somatic Experiencing International ensure contributions are being used appropriately? 

SEI's Community Impact department, in collaboration with SE Humanitarian ensures SEI is always a great steward of donors’ funds. We've also developed operational and financial reporting metrics and will regularly report back on this effort's ongoing impact.

Will You Join Us in Supporting Trauma Interruption and Healing Around the World?

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