Ukraine Benefit in Hopkinton, MA on 4/30/22

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Ukraine Benefit in Hopkinton, Massachusetts on April 30, 2022


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Update posted 2 years ago

Like many people watching the crisis unfold in Ukraine, we felt compelled to do something more than sending “thoughts & prayers” to help.  We asked ourselves, “What do we have? What can we do?”  The answer was - well we have a farm and some horses & chickens that folks love to come visit - so let’s invite people over, get some live music, and sell some baked goods and local art donated by friends & neighbors to raise money for the Ukrainians.  The response to help with this event has been completely uplifting.

We may not be able to change the world with this small event, but if we each do something small, together maybe we CAN make a difference for the people struggling in or fleeing from Ukraine.  But for the grace of God and the fickle finger of fate, any one of us could be in the shoes of those running for their lives, losing their loved ones, livelihoods and homes.  We each have individual strengths & abilities - artistic, culinary, musical, financial.  Let’s pool these strengths together and help the people of Ukraine in this time of need.  

We chose this charity - “Direct Relief — Ukraine”, because our brilliant and generous 94-year old Aunt Ellen did her homework and learned that the New York Times conducted extensive research & ranked this organization as #1 for the crisis in Ukraine.   Direct Relief has firmly established relationships with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health.  They have supplied the Ministry with hundreds of emergency medical backpacks for first responders dealing with injury/trauma, ICU equipment, maternal and child medical assistance, critical care medications, and other emergency health care needs for Ukrainians.  

The Origin of Direct Relief:  In 1945, William Zimdin, an Estonian immigrant who had amassed significant wealth in prewar Europe, began sending thousands of relief parcels containing food, clothing, and medicines to relatives, friends, and former employees who were rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of World War II.  Having witnessed the impacts of unchecked power, Zimdin dedicated his life’s fortune to the oppressed, shunning the fascism that had caused him to flee Hitler’s Europe for his life.  He then established what is now Direct Relief in 1948, a California-based non-profit corporation that has been in business for 74 years.

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