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Snow White and Lil Girl want life to go back to normal


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Snow White and Lil Girl are two adorable 7 month old puppies who are desperate to find a family again! These two mixed breed pups thought that life was just lovely; they had a home and family, and didn’t know that things could get a lot worse. Unfortunately their owner had to surrender them to a shelter in southern VA. Snow White and Lil Girl quickly learned that life could be so different than they realized in their short 7 months. These sweet girls found themselves scared and trying to adjust to the shelter, overwhelmed with sights, sounds, and dogs that aren’t always friendly to young puppies like them. Puppies this age are also at a higher risk of living in the shelter, as their immune systems are still developing. They are more likely to get more serious infections than adult dogs. Please help us get Snow White and Lil Girl to Homeward Trails, where they will be safer and have a higher chance of finding a forever home! Please help these girls remember that even though life can be hard sometimes, it can also get better!

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