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Still Overcoming is a short documentary film that centers around one question: what is integration?


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Still Overcoming is a short documentary film that centers around one question:  what is integration?

For The University of Texas, it began in 1956, when Almetris Marsh Duren was hired as an administrator to help integrate the school. Filmmaker Vidal Marsh, Duren’s nephew, has used her story as a guiding force to chronicle the history of race, access, and gentrification on campus and in Austin through present day.

Despite the powerful legacy Duren left behind and the progress that’s been made, there remains much work to do.  As we find ourselves living in a critical moment in history,  Still Overcoming seeks to define what integration really means at UT.

We are seeking financial commitments to finish the film.  Ultimately we see $25K as our big number, and we are hoping to put that together with contributions anywhere from $250 to $2500 to $5000 to the whole sum.  

The film is so close to being done: we have already completed the majority of our research and interviews. 

These finishing funds will help us:

-compensate our editor and crew 

-ensure proper data transfer 

-license music 

-establish a marketing plan 

-cover festival entry fees.  

Still Overcoming has partnered with Media Alliance for fiscal sponsorship, so we are 501(c)(3) certified and donations are tax deductible. Donors may opt to remain anonymous.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.   

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