The West End Neighborhood Plan

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Link to West End Neighborhood Plan here.

The first phase will update and upgrade sidewalks, install new street lighting and improved/update crosswalks (including ADA-compliant curb ramps), as well as retaining walls and more decorative elements such as tree lawns and other beautification efforts.

Streets in the area include sections of West Second Street, West First Street, Columbia Avenue, Arthur Avenue, Blymyer Avenue, Wood Street, Carpenter Road, Lind Avenue, Vennum Avenue, Poplar Street and Bartley Avenue.

The plan focuses specifically on the public right-of-way of the streets within the West End neighborhood, which "will allow the city to align and prioritize potential funding opportunities toward the most impactful improvement projects."

The West End Neighborhood Plan was initiated in April 2020. An advisory group was established with representatives from the City of Mansfield, the Richland County Land Bank and the Richland Community Development Group, as well as private citizens.

The project is divided into two parts -- a long-term blueprint on improving each street in the neighborhood and also a specific plan for Glessner Avenue.

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RCDG (Richland Community Development Group)

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