Trio of Puppies Battling Deadly Parvo

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Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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These 5 week old puppies are in critical condition!


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Betty, Marjorie, and Summer are fighting for their lives. Over the weekend, they began having debilitating bloody diarrhea, started vomiting, and were extremely lethargic. At only 5 weeks old, they were rushed to the emergency vet where they were hospitalized while the veterinarians worked feverishly to stabilize them. It came on so fast, we couldn't believe it. 

After testing, it appears they have parvovirus which can be deadly, especially for puppies. Without intensive care they will not make it. Hospitalization for 3 puppies is expensive, but it's their only hope. These three sweet girls are doing all they can to beat it, but they need your help. Any amount helps offset the costly treatment that, we hope, will save their lives. 

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