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Become a sustaining supporter of The Torch Theatre. Please select the "monthly" option to join.


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Torchbearer Monthly Donor Benefits

As a monthly donor, a Torchbearer, you make the magic of improv happen! But, just to say thanks in a slightly more tangible way, we also include these cool benefits.

  • $5 a month: 
    • All show tickets will be reduced to just $5;
    • All $5 shows will include a free snack or drink;
  • $10 a month: 
    • All of the above, AND a free snack or drink at all shows;
  • $25 a month: 
    • All shows are FREE with rsvp, and a free snack or drink (nearly $200 in monthly value).
  • $50 a month:
    • All of the above and you will be recognized as an individual sponsor of Ghostfest and the Phoenix Improv Festival!

Why Monthly?

In addition to covering our basic utilities and general maintenance of the theatre, your funds can help us offer more programs to local artists and to the public. Some of these programs include:

·         Working with public schools’ underdeveloped arts programs

·         Bringing in nationally recognized artists and instructors

·         Offering coaching, practice space and other essentials to emerging artists

·         Offering free workshops to the public

·         Sending local artists to participate in national and international festivals

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